Progressive Hiring

Fresher Recruitment End to End

This is no mysterious fact - 50% of Employable Talent is in the top 30% campuses and the rest of 50% are in the remaining 70% campuses.

Without any surprises, the latter 50% do not get a job opportunity as large companies rarely recruit from here.

It’s primarily because of the convenience to hire from the top campuses, where 30 out of 100 students are employable against 10 out of 100 from others. Sparing a larger number of eligible talents who doesn’t even get an interview call!

The Question is HOW ARE WE going to TAP THIS POOL

With growing need of attracting the RIGHT TALENT to meet the squeezed timeline with cost constraints, we get in to assist the employers turn this challenge into opportunity, driving End-2-End Fresher Recruitment.

We will not only source Fresh Employable Talent, matching your criteria,


also a Right Fit for your organization with our Tailor-Made solution, ensuring that your hiring needs are promptly met with almost 60% of the cost.

Who all can use our Fresher Recruitment Solution - ANYONE who wants to HIRE FRESH GRADUATES

AND how we work?

Before we even propose this Solution, ONE will have to believe in this process - Logically & Scientifically. To start with, we request for a 90 Minutes’ Getting to Know Session wherein we try and understand the Organization Culture, Future Business Plan, and subsequent Hiring Needs. We then analyse and propose the phase wise hiring activities, based on the inputs during the said session!

To identify the Talented and Employable Professionals before they even complete their education, this job placement program can be conducted based on Geographical Location, Domain, Skill Set(s) and Educational Institutions, reducing the Time and the Cost.

This placement program can either be conducted in an Institute or in some common place (public place) where students from different institutes can participate.

Further, an employer can either go for Project Placement, Internship Placement or full-time employment!

With our Campus Connect, we will reach out to your target campuses across India to identify employable candidates. A dedicated campus Recruitment Team would Organize to pool-in candidates from Multiple Colleges to a Common Venue so that we deliver you the best talent.

Based on Geographical Location, Domain, Skill Set(s) and Educational Institutions, we will then shortlist the Campuses and Connect with Campus to Book the Slot and Manage Communications including Logistics & Execution, Assessments & Delivery, Offer Roll-outs and Post Hire Engagement.

Research indicates that irrespective of Employer’s product/service positioning in the industry, what matters most in the recruitment industry is “Employer Brand positioning”.

The best talent in the colleges always prefers employers;
- Who have positioned themselves as “Best Work Place”
- Who have clarity on "Why work with us"?

This is THE concept - “Preferred Employer Positioning” and we help you become ONE across campuses.

We can also create Visibility, Awareness & Positioning for your various Products and Services inside Campuses with our Campus Branding Drive!

With our pre-defined methodology and the assessment program, we will help you screen the best fit for your organization, assessing them on Aptitude, Technical Skills and Soft Skills!

Post offer roll-out, the short-listed candidate will be engaged with assignments and activities to ensure retention of candidates who have been offered employment. Our dedicated account managers will coordinate and manage the process on your behalf.

For Hassle-Free best Fresher Recruitment Experience, please feel free to contact us!