Whether it’s an employer seeking to fill a position or an applicant seeking employment Golden Red is here to provide solution(s).

We have different staffing programs that can eliminate the time, money, and stress associated with recruiting, screening, and hiring new office staff for your organization.

Our most unique option as there is no recruitment cost or fee to you.

Interview pre-qualified applicants for your permanent/contractual position.

For the trial period (mutually agreed) the employee is on our payroll. You are billed at an hourly rate.

Eliminate all benefits costs such as insurance, vacation, and sick pay.

This option can also be described as Temporary to Permanent Recruitment - allows you to feel secure with your hiring decision before the employee is transferred to your payroll, because there is no obligation to keep them unless you are satisfied to the core.

Interview pre-qualified applicants for your permanent/contractual position.

Eliminate the pre-screening process.

One time flat fee billing based on a percentage of the salary.

This option can also be described as Traditional Recruitment - allows you to pick the right applicant from the pool of the pre-qualified applicants screened on the guidelines provided by you.

Interview pre-qualified and pre-trained applicants for your permanent/contractual position.

Eliminate the pre-screening process.

Save the training cost.

This can be clubbed with either of the aforesaid programs.

This option can also be described as Pre-Trained Recruitment - allows you to pick the right applicant from the pool of the pre-qualified & pre-trained applicants screened & trained on the guidelines & training module custom designed by you.

Progressive Hiring of fresh talent at the college level. We invest heavily in relationships with academia to minimize your time of selection at the entry level skill induction.

Proactive learning of all that your organization does, leads to a clear understanding of you at the Industry & Organizational levels. We translate this to the academic institutions bridging the gaps so that benchmarks may be established in what might be expected from them and you get to derive maximum benefits in minimum effort.

This option can also be described as Fresher Recruitment End to End

Regardless of the program you choose, you ONLY receive applicants who have been Pre-Screened, Tested and Interviewed by us. You only interview the most eligible & qualified applicants saving time reviewing dozens of resumes from the pool of inappropriate applicants and saving money on costly newspaper advertisement.

Whether you are hiring one person a year or a person per day, our recruitment process and solutions are flexible and scalable enough to deliver the right results quickly.

Our staffing services are delivered by specialists underpinned by strong research, extensive networking capabilities, depth of experience utilizing a range of sourcing methodologies and industry knowledge to tailor the right approach for your needs. We understand that your business cannot afford to waste time or money on ineffective processes and our approach of only supplying suitably qualified and skilled applicant will result in strong business relationships and trust in our service to deliver the best outcomes.

“We have the keen ability to select the right applicant for the job and the right job for the applicant because we ASK the right questions. Then our team take the time to LISTEN to both employer and applicant so we can make matches that last. With this methodology, we are bound to get superior results from devoting all of our resources, personal attention and experience to each and every placement we make!

We provide staffing from entry-level positions to qualified professionals in the most creative to the most corporate environments across domains.

If you don’t need a full recruitment service, we can break down our services to be utilised to support your own internal hiring process.

We use best practice recruitment methodologies and apply these to each area of expertise. So if you don’t have the time or a dedicated professional to handle all of your recruitment yourself, engage our team of experienced recruitment specialists on an hourly or fixed priced basis. We can quickly help you to develop a shortlist that matches your requirements. You can have the security of professional consulting services that are economical and deliver an independent assessment when hiring new staff.

Services includes;

Position Profiling & Job Description Preparation

Job Vacancy Advertisement (Writing & Advertising)

Managing Advertisement Response

Application Management

Telephone Screening & Short Listing

Independent Interviewing

Skill Assessment

Reference Check

Independent Exit Interview

How we HIRE - our Approach - our Methodology

We help you practice a scientific and logical methodology of hiring - Metrics Driven Hiring. A proprietary model introduced and executed with leading organizations to achieve spectacular results for them. Our approach offers you sniper like precision in an industry where shooting in the dark is almost a norm.

We source from the same pool as everybody but through a drastically different approach. We have a proprietary push-pull model which allows us to logically use different points of sourcing driven towards a common outcome – Job Boards, Social & Professional Media.