Our philosophy stems from going to the basics. We affect change at the smallest points but hit at the biggest results. Try changing a small DNA strand and see how dramatically the organism evolves.

If you wish to re-charge how your people perform we can help you in multiple ways – starting from ACQUIRING - ENGAGING - MANAGING the TALENT.


A privately held organization incorporated in June 2011 based out of National Capital Region of India, Golden Red is a Human Resources Management Consulting firm helping existing and upcoming businesses in managing their Human Resource need to achieve business and social objectives in the most creative to the most corporate environments across domains.

Out here – all assignments are critical, every individual is invaluable and they are treated with the respect they deserve.

We are dedicated to giving you an exceptional experience tailored to your specific situation and we accomplish this by understanding your needs and looking beyond the obvious for innovative yet realistic solutions with the commitment to deliver Quick and Consistent – benchmarking the Quality at every instance.

Long-Term is THE foundation – “We have to work honestly and sincerely to earn the respect and the trust which will be evident from the fact about our retention rate” making Long-Term our immediate goal – our Mission!

Let’s “Quantify the quality we deliver” and that’s our long term goal – our Vision!

this is all we do SERVICES

Most organizations expect a custom solution. Days of standard offerings have come to an end. Our array of offering includes systematically standardized modules with a generous choice, of putting them together in numerous combinations, in line with your specific HR needs.

We offer a variety of services to our clients!

Project Based: Bridging a specific HR gap in your organization.

HR Management & Advisory: Acting as your extended/virtual HR Team developing & implementing HR Program for your organization.

Mentoring: Guiding your in-house team in implementing your HR Program

Metrics Driven Hiring

We help you practice a scientific and logical methodology of hiring - Metrics Driven Hiring. A proprietary model introduced and executed with leading organizations to achieve spectacular results for them. Our approach offers you sniper like precision in an industry where shooting in the dark is almost a norm.

We source from the same pool as everybody but through a drastically different approach. We have a proprietary push-pull model which allows us to logically use different points of sourcing driven towards a common outcome – Job Boards, Social & Professional Media.

When you need it MOST - Recruitment

Progressive Hiring

Progressive Hiring of fresh talent at the college level. We invest heavily in relationships with academia to minimize your time of selection at the entry level skill induction.

Proactive learning of all that your organization does, leads to a clear understanding of you at the Industry & Organizational levels. We translate this to the academic institutions bridging the gaps so that benchmarks may be established in what might be expected from them and you get to derive maximum benefits in minimum effort.

Golden Campus - hire fresher right from campus Fresher Recruitment End to End


The Temporary Staffing Solution relieves our client from all administrative responsibilities, remove employment risks, provide hard-to-find skilled resources and ensure full compliance with local regulations while increasing overall productivity.

As part of the Temporary/Contract Staffing Solution, we provide contract staff on temporary or long-term basis at our facilities, your facilities, or your client's facilities - Globally. These resources will be dedicated to your teams and will work under your supervision and leadership.

Focus on your business & social objectives - Contract Staffing / Temporary Staffing

Strategic HR

A comprehensive solution that focusses exclusively on human resources - we strategize and implement customized solutions aligned with your goals - empowering your organization to be more effective-efficient-profitable.

Get organized - Strategic HR

HR On-Demand

Bring us on to effectively manage your Day-2-Day HR needs with the flexibility of having an outside organization working for you. It could be as small as hiring or as extensive as managing the entire HR Operations.

Bring us ON - HR on-Demand!

Learning & Development

If your organization believes that people can keep performing better, then we offer you an assessment backed training.

Invite us to audit the current levels and we can offer you what may be possible to achieve with the same set of people - conventional - non-conventional!

Training - with the objective


a Golden Red initiative to ensure that not a single job vacancy in the unskilled or semi-skilled category goes un-serviced. Time, resources & efforts have been invested with Government Agencies & in creating a strong last-mile network at the Village Panchayat. Thus, enabling employment from existing opportunities without creating new jobs.

You are a CORPORATE facing an uphill task of finding minimum wages employees and managing them? Welcome to the ONLY destination that provides efficient, effective, easy & economical acquisition and management services for unskilled and semi-skilled jobs.

Minimum Wages Resource - Hiring & Management



Whether you OWN a business or MANAGE Human Resource for your organization – Irrespective of your core business and the team size!

IF you are looking to engage and retain the RIGHT TALENT to work for your organization! We give you the solutions for your Human Resource needs allowing you to strategize and focus on your core businesses.

Since our inception – we have built an organization uniquely equipped to execute this task.

need based PRICING

Choice does not end at service offering. It continues in how you wish to use it too. Our aim is to minimize your spend in innovative ways.


A Retainer Model

Available for ALL/ANY Services we offer

Include us in your day to day HR functioning and pay us a fixed sum based on – what we are called upon to perform for you.


A Pay Per Use Model

Available for Metrics Driven Hiring ONLY

This is an extreme option which gives a very high level of flexibility in the way you pay for acquiring Right Talent - pay per use.

Vendor Pricing

A Classical Model

Available for ALL/ANY Services we offer

Standard practice pricing as most prevalent in the industry. Pay a lump-sum pre-agreed price for the services you use.


Thanks for reaching here - are we making sense? Please feel free to share your HR requirements and we will propose the solution - tailored to your need - in time.

At Golden Red, we are all ear to suggestions and feedbacks. Please feel free to connect for any possible query you may have! Assuring our best attention at all times.

Working from Home


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we are HIRING

Work personally with an experienced recruiter to explore career opportunity. Golden Red provides a secure and highly confidential network and rest assured, your details are in safe hands.

We rely on providing personal care and attention to the applicants. We do this by staying in touch and keeping you informed about roles, offering career guidance, providing opportunities guaranteeing complete confidentiality once you are registered with us.

Whether you are working actively with us to find your next career move or simply want a professional recruiter's opinion on your career options, we take the time to answer your questions. You can be rest assured that at Golden Red, you will be treated with respect and courtesy - we are a likeminded team dedicated to listen to your goals and aspirations. We offer assistance across the positions and work with a mix of organizations across industries.

Please feel free to explore our job posts across job boards or write to us on resumes@goldenredconsulting.com with a brief note.

join TEAM Golden Red

At Golden Red Consulting you would be appraised for - creating an Exceptional Experience for your Client and their employee / candidate - throughout the Process!

Working from Home - anywhere in India, you will primarily be in an IC Role - Individual Contributor.

Skills which will give you an edge;
Active Listening
Written Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Business Storytelling
Business Acumen

AND a meticulous approach of engaging with people with fair understanding of Social Media usages.

Please feel free to write to us with a brief note at career@goldenredhr.com to explore open opportunity.

because WE CARE


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Our website is powered by 300% wind energy, making our website’s carbon footprint negative, keeping us Green.

WE ARE HOSTED GREEN – is your web hosting green – It should be.


It is an emotional sight to see a Hungry Child eat a nutritious meal

Even better if you play a part in satisfying that hunger. This is the very thought behind ‘Food4Smile’.

Little acts of individuals summed up into a mass of goodness.


A Paperless Office YET productive saving time & money

We work Paperless to cut down on deforestation & pollution, leaving more trees to clean the environment.

Green is good for a better tomorrow – we work paperless – do YOU!